Top Web Development Projects for Everyone

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Top Web Development Projects for Everyone

Car Rental System This is a trendy project and very useful for learning about keyboard events, date-time functions, and implementing a C++ login system. The program has separate menus for admin and other users. There are also methods to calculate fare based on time and distance, including displaying car details, availability, etc.

Bookshop inventory system This is a simple project where the system maintains the inventory of books in a bookshop. If a customer purchases a book, the book's count will decrease; if a book is added, the same is updated. Notice the use of pointers. You can modify the code to add a book ID and make the search based on book ID or make the search using just one parameter giving multiple results, and so on.

Survey Form Project Level: Beginner If you are just a beginner in web development then you can try to make a survey form that asks the user for some information like Name, Age, email, mobile number, and some other information depending on requirements and will connect it to a backend database to store the information. This project will help you create a base for fullstack development.It would test out your understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and backend database management

Covid Tracker App: Project Level: Beginner to intermediate Covid has impacted our life very badly, a service or website that can alert for covid cases nearby or about the vaccination slots and center availability would be a great help to the people. there are a bunch of APIs that are available, you can use these APIs and could use these data for your need and present it in a systematic manner. For example, you use the data to build an app that shows severity and Covid cases on the maps and users could find the details about covid cases using the map and could plan their travel accordingly. You can find APIs related to Covid 19

Build an online Word-Counter App: Project Level: Beginner to Intermediate Word count is the number of words in a document or passage of text. A word counter is a useful tool for writers to see the count of the total number of words in their article. Some pointers to keep in mind while building a word counter app are: It requires you to build an app that can parse texts and show the number of words. The user will enter the text of their article. The number of words in that text should be displayed. Additionally, try adding the following features to take it up to the next level- Display the number of characters, sentences, paragraphs, and top keywords (based on word repetition). Also, try displaying the reading time by using APIs. Example Project:

Build your own Portfolio Website: Project Level: Beginner to Intermediate This is the project almost every web developer must have come across in their career and there’s a reason for it. It is a great way to show off your skills and strengths through your own portfolio website. You can keep adding different features and experiment with new technologies. If you are a beginner, then you could start with a simple static page and as you learn more and more concepts you could add it to your portfolio page. Some points to keep in mind are: The essential elements in any portfolio website are – a concise bio to let people know you as well as your work, your best skills, background, experience, accomplishments. You can try including a logo to brand yourself and also work on the favicon. Make sure to add social media buttons to link to your social profiles like GitHub, LinkedIn, etc. It is essential to include a contact form on your website so that potential clients can contact you. Add navigation to other pages like a contact page. Experiment with Flexbox and CSS Grid for creating beautiful layouts. Focus on designing and pay attention to the colors you will use to make your portfolio stand out. Try to use new measurement units like VW and VH to make your website more responsive and flexible on devices with different screen sizes. You could look through the CSS documentations to know about the latest features being added to the CSS language and keep updating your portfolio website. Consider adding a blog page to your website wherein you can include your own blogs and articles. Display your best projects and for a more organized look, you can divide them into categories.

Quiz App/ Q&A Game: Project Level: Beginner to Intermediate Build a quiz app in which the user can choose one out of four options for a question. At the end display the result. You can use JavaScript for this project. While learning JS is not that difficult, applying that knowledge in real-world scenarios is quite challenging. You can experiment with your skills by working on a small JavaScript-based quiz game. Through this project, you will learn about DOM manipulation and data management. Remember that, depending on your JS skills and ability to handle complex logic, you can make this game as simple or complicated as you want it to be. Additionally, you can try adding the following features to your quiz app to make it more interesting: Add multiple quizzes to the app so that the user can select which quiz he wants to take. (There will be a different page for each quiz.) Add social media buttons so that the user can share their results. Users can reset and retake the quiz. Save and display the previous scores of the user on the dashboard. To get started you can begin by referring to this example project:

Countdown Timer:

Project Level: Beginner The simplest project on this list is the countdown timer. A countdown timer is a virtual clock that counts down from a certain date to indicate the beginning or end of an event. It is a webpage that basically has to update the time every second. The objective is to show a continuously decrementing display of the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to a particular date or time. You can use JS for this project. After you have created a basic countdown timer try adding the following features to your webpage: Add pause, start and stop buttons. Display an alert notification when the event time is reached. Users can input more than one event with a timer initialized for each of those events. You can refer to these sample projects to get started:

Build a Drawing Tool Project Level: Intermediate You must have used MS-Paint to create your own artwork as a child. Why not create an online canvas to do the same! You can use HTML, CSS, and JS to build this app. Users can draw using their mouse. Some essential features are- change color, erase, change the size of the drawing tool, reset/clear the canvas. Additionally, you can allow users to share their work on social media or save their work in image format.

Browser Extensions Project Level: Intermediate You have been using some browser extensions for a long time but Do you know that the browser extensions are made using JavaScript! Building a extensions for browser test out your skills and understanding of javascript.You can make extensions that can make day to day tasks easier and well organised .for example you can make a notes extension that would let user make a note directly in browser without opening any other application .You can also build extensions like find the meaning of any word that user enters it would help user to read online. You can host these extensions on chrome we b store or Mozilla web store. Web Development Projects for Intermediate To Advanced Users

E-commerce Site or Online Shopping Website Project Level: Intermediate to Advanced Most web developers end up working for a company that sells online or provides services to customers through an online interface. Nowadays, there are so many food delivery sites, online stores etc. So, there is a huge demand for web developers in this arena. It is great if you have something similar to your portfolio to get you hired. Try building an interface for an online shop. Make sure to use Flexbox for a neat layout. You can add many features to it as you want. (Hint: add to cart, view cart, etc.) Consider all the pages that you will have to include in it and put in on the navbar. (Hint: login-registration page, contact page, user profile page, etc.) Work with databases and improve on backend logic as you proceed. (Hint: Study about recommendation algorithms used on these platforms which result in a tremendous increase in their revenues.)

Memory-Based Game Project Level: Intermediate to Advanced Create a card-based memory game where the user will have to flip two cards and reveal what’s underneath. If the user flips cards which have matching picture underneath then user scores point but if the pictures are different then the cards return back to the original state (face-down). It is memory-based because the user has to remember the cards to finish the game at an optimal time. Additionally, you can include a timer, display previous scores, game statistics, give the user choice for difficulty level (easy, medium, hard), make it a multi-player game, etc. to make it more challenging.

Tic-Tac-Toe Project Level: Intermediate to Advanced Building games is the most fun way to learn to code. When it comes to games what’s better than the classic game of tic-tac-toe. First, you could try out the basic two-player (X and O) game. After that, you could take it up a notch higher by using AI to make it a user vs. a computer game by using the necessary algorithm and logic. Sample project to get started:

Cloning Project Level: Intermediate to Advanced If you are not good at designing a website, you can look for any website of your choice and replicate it with all its functionality. Replicating or cloning a website ensures that you are building an industry-standard website with currently in-demand features. Cloning a website will help you to level up your development skills to the industry level. Cloning a website can be a good idea because you can solely focus on development rather than thinking of content and features for your website. Web Development Project Ideas for Businesses

As businesses are more likely to make significant investments, there are more options for websites project ideas for this niche.

#1 Online Affiliate Platforms Affiliate marketing is an effective way for businesses to generate passive income and make money fast. Imagine, you create a business website, or you already have one. You display different second-side brands, services, products, present reviews, and feedback, linking to the specific pages. When your visitors are directed to these platforms and make purchases, you get a specific percentage from each purchase.

Many businesses have already used this tactic, yet, it is going to be more popular in 2021. Not a great investment is required, while the results are promising, and the incoming budget is continual and growing. Affiliate platforms are becoming more and more popular as they may be integrated into various business niches depending on the brands they are going to refer to. So, if your business niche is sports and fitness, then you may cooperate, for instance, with healthy food brands.

#2 Website Development and Translation If you’re looking to extend your reach to foreign audiences, make sure to take advantage of website translation. Website translation services can build your website with multilingual components, ensuring that your website can be read by audiences of different language backgrounds. Choose the languages taking into account which languages your such as Spanish, French, Chinese, and Arabic demographics. Website translation services are a good investment because by transforming your website into a multilingual one, they can usher in new customers, build your brand reputation and awareness, and even increase your revenues. So, in this way, you also increase your target market size.

#3 Shopping Mall Delivery These days when e-commerce is so popular, people don’t like to go out of their homes and spend more time in shopping malls. They prefer to stay in their comfort places and check out international e-commerce giants. As a result, local shopping businesses lose their chance to gain a significant amount of possible income.

In 2021, this may be somehow solved. There is a great idea for shopping mall businesses to launch an interactive website where people may check out their available collections and make orders. This will be more preferable as the products are available and it will take even a few hours to organize the delivery. Plus, there is no word about the e-commerce shipping cost.

#4 CRM Systems for Startups CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems help businesses organize relationships with their customers. In the near future, every small business or startup will need such a platform to stay connected and interact with their customers.

The main purpose of a CRM is to provide support in case of any issue, question, or feedback. It's not a lot of hard work to design a CRM app solution. An experienced web development firm will create a CRM MVP (Minimum Viable Product) within a week. If you search for potential web app ideas then it can also work well. At first, you should go for small, target freelancers, startups, small companies, and gradually, continue to go up for larger enterprises.

#5 Blockchain They say blockchain is an active method of corporate and distributed storage of data. According to the M & M research, the possible growth opportunities in the blockchain market will reach 39.7 billion USD in 2025 (3 billion in 2020). Blockchain is good with regard to providing high security. The main benefit is the absence of intermediaries between transactions. All the transactions are to be verified and rely on complex algorithms. Thanks to this advantage, many banks, and financial organizations tend to integrate blockchain into their systems with the purpose to provide security for their important data. Why don’t you like to take steps on this and provide businesses with benefits, such as: Secure transaction Predictions on user behavior Data security Absence of intermediaries Operational efficiency

Web Development Projects for Education Providers Online teaching is an industry that provides a huge revenue and has enough potential to be considered as one of the most highly growing industries in the upcoming 2021. Let’s continue checking out the list and now focus on website project ideas for teachers.

#6 Online Classroom Especially during the high spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, online teaching started new and highly fast growth. At these times, when everybody was locked at home, there was a need to create online schools. Education is something that cannot be moved to the second plan. Online schools are solutions in such situations. Besides, there are so many benefits that this is inevitable in the future of teaching.

Education providers get a chance to schedule their classes. Accordingly, the students get notifications about upcoming lessons so that they may join. At the pointed time, the lesson begins and everybody is here to take part in the educational process. There are some features that make the process easier and more simple to understand. For instance, interactive blackboard, or screen sharing features, and many more. You may start any web project ideas for an online school and benefit from the advantages of e-learning. It may be a personal teaching website or you may rely on an educational website builder which is also one of the successful website based projects.

#7 Video Courses These days people like to learn something from wherever they like and whenever it’s possible. To meet this demand, teachers and various specialists who like to share their knowledge and skills, earning income as an appreciation, started to record and sell video courses. As the education providers started selling online courses, there was a demand for digital platforms, where it will be easy to publish online courses set prices for them automate the selling process get income right to their bank account Surely, there are various similar platforms, but this is something highly growing. Your successful project may be very required for a lot of trainers and teachers.

#8 Art Website If you are an artist or just have it as a hobby, then you may start on it. Imagine you develop a website where you speak about your love of drawing or sculpturing. You may write blog articles and even record video courses where you share some tips related to the industry, or help the interested people to do something. These videos may be either paid or free, depending on your preferences.

You may also create a specific section on your art website where you sell your works. It may be like an online exhibition. People check out your works and they have a chance to buy any piece they prefer. The same may be related to the industries of: Food: The cook presents tips, tricks, teaches making delicious dishes, and even sells tasty food, sometimes with delivery. Beauty: Makeup artists and hairdressers may also benefit from similar platforms, sharing their skills in online courses. Fitness: Trainers organize online pieces of training and teach how to do specific exercises, how to lose or gain weight, etc. If you are interested in having a similar professional website, then you may find a reliable portal to develop your platform. Uteach is an example of a similar website builder. It is easy, fast, and convenient. And the most fantastic thing is the 24/7 support. No question stays without answer, and no issue - without a solution. You may also rely on custom website development. It will cost relatively more expensive. However, you may get in touch with us. Our team of web developers may offer something interesting. One of our previous customers - Michael Johnson said "I've been working with AIST for a long time and will continue to work with this team long into the future. A GREAT team! HIGHLY recommended." You may also join the lucky ones who achieved success in the digital environment. Just let's discuss your ideas.

#9 Language Learning Platforms People have always been interested in learning a new language. There are various language centers and institutions that try to meet this demand. Therefore, not everybody may afford or have time to attend similar classes. It’s a good idea to create a language learning platform. There should be several features that make the process easier. Let’s discuss some of them.

Video guides: some tips on how to start learning a specific language and what to pay attention to most of all. Informative content: have some topics explained either in video or text format. Forums and discussions: learners make a discussion and speak about topics in that language. This is especially good for developing speaking skills. Private chat: this may be a teaching and learning chat. One of the members learns a specific language, the other has it as a native tongue. In case the learner makes mistakes, the native speaker highlights it in the special field for correction. Each message on this chat has a similar field for corrections.

Web Developing Projects for Beginners

Today, the generation tends to be independent and free from a younger age. They think about ways of starting a business, founding a startup, or something interesting that will become profitable for them. If you are also a beginner and have some skills that may share with people and earn money, then you may use the above-mentioned ideas for teachers as well. Now, I continue my list, including project ideas for beginners.

#10 Reservation Platform

Before we could miss out on buying tickets for our favorite band’s concert, a sports team’s match, or just lost a date because there was no chance to book the tickets or table at a restaurant in advance.

These days, it is no longer possible. For a change, people started booking by phone call. However, this isn’t a perfect solution. In the nearest future, everything tends to become more automated. One of the best website projects ideas that seem to be very bright and helpful is online reservation platforms. Starting an online reservation web platform for public events is a cool idea for beginners.

#11 Online Storage Space

This may be a perfect idea for an application. You own servers and offer storage space to different businesses (mainly small businesses) for sale in this app concept. This is one of the most powerful and simple web app ideas for 2021 - affordable online storage space services for small platforms. Currently, when the online world is full of different platforms, businesses need a space to store all their website data and information. Your online storage space may be a perfect solution for their concerns. You may be the supplier of space service to them. Usually, these companies are not so large. They only need a portion of the server to operate their organization and don’t face a need to purchase a whole server. So, you provide an online storage service. Here they save data and run their company through the web application provided by your collection of servers.

#12 Blogging

If you like writing or creating interesting video content then you may start online blogging. This is a perfect idea for beginners. You launch a blog on a favorite industry and publish informative content that is attractive and useful for the audience.

Once you generate significant monthly traffic and understand that there are people who trust your opinion and are engaged with your article, sharing them and writing comments, then you may rely on ways to monetize your blog.

#12 Modal Pop-Ups

Now, websites are full of pop-ups. They may appear when we press a specific button or just land on a web page. Developing modal pop-ups may also be considered as a website designing project. All you need is to design a pop-up and create a code for it to appear on the website whenever the specific action is done.

Usually, such pop-ups are created for displaying notifications, making special offers, showing sales, offering subscription forms, etc. Whatever the main goal of a modal is, it is a good starting point, especially if you are a beginner.

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